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We Wash Trash Can Cleaning Service

We Wash waste container cleaning system is an economical and reliable cleaning system for residential and commercial garbage cans. Our entire system is environmentally friendly and encourages the responsible recycling of waste materials. We Wash provides affordable, regular trash container cleaning services to help individuals and families maintain a clean and odor-free home environment.

Dirty garbage containers are a breeding ground for bacteria, rodents and pests, and noxious odors. By cleaning your waste containers you will be making a positive impact on our environment. It has been proven that recycling program effectiveness is in direct correlation to how pleasant the recycling experience is. By keeping the waste containers clean, we promote active participation in recycling by everyone.

How the We Wash Process Works

  1. Add eco-friendly degreasing agent
  2. Load the trash cans for washing
  3. Turn on the water jets
    • We use 200°F degree high-pressure water and an eco-friendly chemical solution to kill bacteria and flush away grime.
  4. Unload the clean can
  5. Add an eco-friendly deodorizer to keep the can odor-free!

Environmentally Friendly

The cleaning process used by We Wash is completely environmentally friendly! Our mobile units use a hypoallergenic and green-certified solution delivered in combination with a powerful stream of hot water. This solution leaves a natural, pleasant scent without the use of harsh chemical fragrances. Additionally, all waste water is disposed of safely at a locally-approved treatment facility.

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