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Food Service Industry

Food service businesses have special challenges keeping their trash containers clean and odor-free. Food industry trash containers can easily become breeding grounds for harmful germs, fungi, and bacteria like Listeria, E. Coli, salmonella, and staph. Without regular professional cleaning, moisture, food, and bacteria will accumulate and attract ants, flies, maggots, and roaches as well as other, larger pests.

We Wash takes this business seriously. Our workers scrape, spray, sanitize, pump, and deodorize trash containers. Furthermore, we know that regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary to remove and deter bacteria and pests, prevent leachate escape, and minimize odor. Trash containers that are not regularly maintained can quickly become health concerns and prompt complaints or even regulatory enforcement action.

Residential Service

Trash and recycling cans are breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria like Listeria, E. Coli, salmonella and staph. Residential trash contains a feast of liquid and food waste to attract flies, maggots, rats, and other unwanted pests. When stuck-on trash and liquid residue remain after the trash has been picked up, the problem only multiplies, adding the bonus of unpleasant odors.

The We Wash technique was developed to eliminate the germs and grime that lead to foul odors and health / environmental concerns. Our method employs the use of high-pressure hot water (200°F), an environmentally friendly detergent, and a finishing touch of light deodorizer.

We Wash also does its part to protect the environment, and our services are Best Management Practices for water quality. The removal of stuck-on trash and leachate from trash containers prevents those pollutants from entering the storm sewers and, ultimately our lakes and rivers.

Municipal and Bulk Rate Services

Municipal and large-contract clients receive bulk rates and are provided with both complete tracking / documentation of participation and the educational materials shared with customers. MS4 customers can benefit from documentation generated quarterly or annually as needed to assist in meeting the reporting requirements of the Indiana Department of Environment Management (IDEM). This includes a complete tracking of services for public education done through Minimum Control Measure (MCM) 1, public participation of services through MCM 2, and trash containers cleaned as a part of MCM 4 and MCM 6.

Stormwater Best Management Practices

We Wash trash container cleaning service is a Best Management Practice (BMP) for storm water pollution prevention. As a trackable public education and public participation service, We Wash can help your community meet its MS4 requirements.

Environmentally friendly can cleaning helps prevent leachate and leftover trash from entering storm sewers.

We Wash uses trash can hangers and other communication to deliver water quality education directly to its customers.

Can cleaning services apply to Minimum Control Measure (MCM)

  1. Public Education;
  2. Public Participation;
  3. Illicit Discharge; &
  4. Municipal Good Housekeeping.


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