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About We Wash

What is We Wash?

We Wash is a trash and recycling can cleaning service that uses environmentally-friendly methods to clean away all of the grime and odor left behind by waste. Located in Valparaiso Indiana, we are locally owned and operated servicing Porter County, Lake County, and Northwest Indiana and increasing expansion into new areas as demand grows. We can be contacted via the contact us form or via telephone at 219-510-5316.

Why is this service needed?

Over time, trash and recycling cans can become home to harmful germs, fungi, and bacteria like Listeria, E Coli, salmonella, and staph. Also, because of the grime and odor that builds up inside of these bins, they can invite lots of ants, flies, maggots, rats, and other unwanted pests.

These microorganisms and pest-attracting substances cannot truly be washed away with a garden hose and some store-bought chemicals. Thus, to protect the members of a household from exposure to hordes of insects and disease-causing or disease-carrying pests, like any part of your home, trash cans should be cleaned on a regular basis.

How does We Wash get garbage and recycling cans so clean?

Our specialized equipment uses the combined forces of high-temperature, high-pressure water and an environmentally-friendly chemical solution to provide customers with an unmatched clean that is completely green.

Where and when are the cans cleaned?

Convenience is one of We Wash's best traits; our service trucks arrive after trash and recycling cans have been emptied on garbage pickup day and, without any mess or hassle, clean them and leave them right where they were found on the curb. Customers do not need to do a thing and can simply retrieve their now freshly-cleaned bins like they normally would.

Who is We Wash?

Mike McLinn, owner, has been a citizen of Northwest Indiana for his entire life. He has worked with the public daily and has formed a deep bond with Northwest Indiana. Now, after so many years of public service, he wishes to also provide our communities with a new but sorely needed service in the form of We Wash trash can cleaning.

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